Simply Good


Consumer expectations are changing:
they want products with simple and understandable ingredients, minimal processing, natural or organic, and ideally locally produced. Our company has a role to play in contributing to the needs of the society. Read more

Maggi Mammies: Literacy program

Nestlé Nutrition Forum

What is MAGGI’s Contribution?

Driven by our purpose, that is enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, MAGGI is a key lever to achieve our ambition

For Individuals and Families

Offer tastier and healthier choices

Inspire people to lead healthier lives

Build, share and apply nutrition knowledge

For the community

Enhance rural livelihoods

Respect & promote human rights

Promote decent employment and diversity

For the planet

Care for water

Combat climate change

Safeguard the environment.

By doing so we ensure we create value for the long term success of our business and for the society as a whole.

Hard fact by 2020

ü  100% of our products will be made with familiar and common ingredients

ü  100% of flour/starch from cassava will be sourced locally and we will enroll 30,000 farmers in our training program

ü  We will engage directly with 50 million women through MAGGI activities related to nutrition

ü  We will reduce by 22% the salt content in our Tablets and cubes

Our Commitments

1 - We commit to

use more familiar and common ingredients.

2 - We commit to

improve the nutritional profile of our products especially work on salt and sodium reduction in addition to the fortification of our product in iron.

3 - We commit to

Create more value for the society and the community by increasing local sourcing and contributing to the local economy.

4 - We commit to

Raise awareness about healthy lifestyles (healthy cooking, healthy diets).