Get kids moving: tips for more activity

Boy playing hopscotch
CHALK GAMES FOR KIDS:Hopscotch is a fun activity to get kids moving

A wide range of physical experiences is a vital part of our children's healthy development. By exercising, children learn how to control their body with confidence. Physical activities also increase self-confidence and independence and help maintain a healthy weight. It’s important to make sure your little ones have plenty of opportunities to get moving.

Time and space for physical experiences

Children need lots of time and space to satisfy their natural need to move. Unfortunately, busy roads and limited living space can make it more difficult to run around and play outdoors.

Teach your child games that are appropriate to your living environment. For example, even in small apartments you can put down a mattress to jump around on or provide soft balls to play with. Children at kindergarten age are already able to use tin-can stilts, climb ladders suspended from the ceiling or use a pull-up bar fixed to the door frame.

Chalk games involving hopping and jumping on the pavement in front of your doorstep or on concreted areas in the back garden are ideal. How about some “animal style” movement games for younger children, e.g. flapping like a bird, stamping like an elephant, or hopping like a frog? One child acts out the movement and the others copy them.

Fun movement games for small children

Small children prefer to move as part of a game. They love to crawl, hide, hop, throw and play simple movement games with fun singing rhymes.