MAGGI enables you to provide the goodness ofhomemade food, which makes you feel essential to the health and happiness ofthose you prepare meals for every day, including yourself.



For that, MAGGI has developed a setof products and services designed according to homemade food quality and basedon:


  • In-depth knowledge of local homemade taste and food culture
  • Convenient products and services enhancing the pleasure of cooking
  • Commitment to making our products with care: nutritionally sound andmade with familiar ingredients as used at home
  • Supporting and transmitting the local homemade food culture and the goodfood habits to the next generation



1883:Introduction of first MAGGI soups in Europe (artisanal)

1885:Launching of MAGGI soups (industrial level)

1889:Introduction of MAGGI seasoning in Europe

1908:Invention of MAGGI cube in Europe

1947:MAGGI-Nestlé merger

1959:Launching of MAGGI in Africa (Liberia)



Maggi in CWAR– Maggi is a heritage brand which has been in Africa since the 1950’s and it’s recognizedwith a trademark of the MAGGI Star. The Maggi Logo is characterized by the redand yellow colors and is available in pressed tablet, powder and liquid formats.CWAR is the largest MAGGI cube producing market in Nestlé and sells over 100million cubes in the Central West Africa Region daily.

Below are a list of Maggi products found in Centraland West Africa Region:


  Maggi Tablette/ Maggi Cubeare made from carefully selectedingredients like Iodised Salt, Starch, Sugar, Onion, and Mixed Spices. Specificto Cube in Nigeria is the fermented soy beans. Maggi Tablette & Maggi Cubeare fortified with Iron.

Sizes: Maggi Tablette 10g tablets (60 units of10g tablets per tray), Maggi Cube 4g (100 units of 4g cubes in a Sachet). Bulkof 2,500 and other smaller formats are also available in some countries.



Maggi Poulet/ Chicken are made from carefully selectedingredient like Iodised Salt, Starch, Sugar, Chicken Favour, Onion, Spices andin some variants Parsley.

 Sizes: Maggi Poulet 10g tablets (60 units of 10g tablets per tray),Maggi Poulet 4g cubes (100 units of 4g cubes per Sachet)



Maggi Crevette/ Shrimp/ Crayfish: aremade from carefully selected ingredients like Iodised Salt, Starch, Sugar,Shrimp, Spices, and Fish. Maggi Crevette/ Shrimp/ Crayfish is fortified withIron.

Sizes: Maggi Crevette 10g tablets seasoning tray (60 units of 10gtablets per tray), Maggi 4g cubes (100units of 4g cubes per Satchet)

Maggi Nokoss: This is made with ingredientslike iodised Salt, Starch, Sugar,Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Onion, and Spice. Maggi Nokoss is fortified with Iodine and it’s adoptedto the local taste of Senegalese’.

Sizes: Nokoss 10g tablets (60 units of10g tablets per tray).


Maggi Mix’py (Golden beef,Tomato, Classic, and Garlic & Ginger): This is our powder format made from a rich blend of seasonings to givea rich aroma and taste to your dishes.

Maggi Arôme: A highly concentrated signature flavour produced from natural yeast fermentation with no additives, preservatives,artificial colours and flavours.Arôme can be used as a marinade before cooking, as a sauce during cooking and even asa flavouring for dips



Maggi ketchup:This is made from tomatoes, vinegar, assorted seasonings and spices and can beserved with hot dishes such as fries, fried meat etc. or mixed with othersauces to make dips.



Note: We have other variants andcategories adapted to the local taste of other countries in CWAR, like MaggiGolden Beef, Maggi Safsafal, Maggi Onion and Maggi Mouton Epices, MaggiMousline and others in the pipeline.

MaggiImpact in Central and West Africa

Across the region, we have led anumber of Maggi activities to promote healthy and nutritiousdiets. Through cooking education activities, we are providing recipes, menuideas and practical tips to help people to cook tasty and balanced meals forthe entire family. We continue to introduce more activities to improvecommunication and the bond between MAGGI, our Mammies and target consumers (Nene)and to stress on the importance of the Iron and Iodine contain in MAGGI withthe proper use of Salt in a everyday meals. For the Tablettes and the Cubes, werecommend 2 tablets (or 5 cubes) in cooking a dish for 6 people and there is noneed to add more salt.

Our Maggi CookingCaravans which has travelled through the different countries provides nutritionexpertise, culinary hygiene and healthy eating cooking tips…read more.


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