Nestlé NIDO addresses malnutrition through education

Pupils from a dozen schools from Central Africa competed at the international final of ‘Carton Rouge’, one of the region’s most popular TV programmes, on Saturday 10th May. Under the patronage of the Ministries of Health and Basic Education, thousands of children and their parents gathered at the Yaoundé Sport complex to witness the final and support their favourite teams. The event was exclusively sponsored by Nido. 

This year’s final was placed under the theme of “Red Card to Malnutrition”. Malnutrition is a major problem in Africa. Bruno Olierhoek, Country Manager, Nestlé Cameroun, stated that “Nutrition covers all aspects of children’s life and plays an important role for their growth, as well as their physical and intellectual performances. A balanced diet is important to achieve optimal, nutrition, health and wellness”.

The representative to the Minister of Health, Dr. Bernard Cheumaga, raised awareness about the statistics related to malnutrition in Cameroon and in Africa, encouraging children and parents to adopt healthier diets. The message was well received by the kids, as the Misses representing the participating countries delivered impactful messages to sensitize their counterparts and called their parents to act against malnutrition. Miss Cameroon emerged as the winner with her heartbreaking message presenting the faces of malnutrition in Africa.

In the Karaoke contest, the participants from Chad produced an original composition that moved the audience, and grabbed the title in this category. Gabon representatives won the Questions and Answers title. 

Thunder of applauses, kids jubilating, and parents and teachers hugging the children, was the general atmosphere of celebration for every single victory, as a symbol of the victory over malnutrition.

Miss Chad, Habiba Seïd Kaman, said: “I would like to congratulate Miss Cameroon for her win, but she was in her country. Let’s say next year, we will meet in my country, and things will surely be different”.  The appointment is taken for Ndjamena in 2015.

Sponsorship of ‘Carton Rouge’ is part of Nestlé’s commitment to promote healthy diets and lifestyles.