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All you need to know about getting a job at Nestlé

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Do I have to pay to get a job with Nestlé?

Absolutely not. Nestlé never asks for money from applicants as part of its recruitment process. The official mode of application for jobs is on the jobs portal. The recruitment process is transparent, and you will receive status updates as it progresses. Nestlé does not charge any fees for recruitment.

How do I get a job with Nestlé?

To find a job in Nestlé, go to our jobs portal. Our vacancies from around the globe are listed there.

Alternatively you can go to >> Careers >> Go to job website >>Search Job by location >> filter by country e.g. Cameroun

New positions are advertised on the website as soon as they come up. It is worth visiting the site regularly to make sure you do not miss any new opportunities

What is the hiring process at Nestlé?

1. All job openings in the Central and West Africa Region are advertised on our website

2. After applying, shortlisted applicants will always be contacted by recruiters with email addresses ending in and will then go through a screening interview on phone

3. Next step is to be invited for a face-to-face/ Skype call interview with the hiring manager and other key-stakeholders

4. A successful candidate will receive an offer only after all these interviews are done

5. Heads up! If you go through a hiring process for a ‘Nestlé’ position that does not meet these standard procedures, it's probably not us

6. Check for all available positions. Remember that the recruitment process is absolutely free of charge. Best of luck to you!

I applied for a job with Nestlé and have been asked to pay processing fees, what do I do?

An official Nestlé recruitment will never require you to pay a fee. It is a fraudulent hiring process. Report immediately to us on the ‘ Tell Us’ platform.

What do I do if I suspect that a recruitment is fraudulent?

You should immediately cease communication with the recruiter and report the issue to us on the ‘Tell Us’ platform.