Alleged Recall of Banana Baby Food

We have been informed of an erroneous message circulating via social media platforms about a recall of Nestlé banana baby food product. 

This is an old message that was circulated already some years ago.  

We reassure our consumers that there is NO recall for Nestlé Baby Food as alleged on social media platforms. Our consumers can buy our Nestlé baby food products manufactured according to our high quality standards and sold in authorized distribution channels. 

The safety and the quality of our products is a non-negotiable priority for Nestlé. We reassure all parents that our baby cereals are safe for consumption. We also select the raw materials  we source locally  with special care. 

Our  Consumer Engagement Services  in your country will be more than happy to answer all consumer enquiries and you can read more about  Nestlé quality and safety standards.

Thank you.