Good Morning World

To Press Releases listSep 28, 2016

Join Nescafé in the first-ever, global 24-hour live Facebook video

Nestlé coffee brand Nescafé is calling on millions of people across the globe to join in a worldwide initiative to mark International Coffee Day 2016 on October 1, sharing the joy of a morning coffee and becoming part of the first-ever, 24-hour live Facebook video.

‘Good Morning World’ is encouraging coffee lovers and Nescafé fans to post a short video selfie of themselves enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning in the run up to the date.

Nescafé in Central and West Africa has joined forces with over 40 other Nestlé markets worldwide to get them to use the hashtag #GoodMorningWorld to create an international ‘mug chain’, which will be broadcasted throughout International Coffee Day. It will follow the sunrise around the globe to show how people all over the world start their day.

For every #GoodMorningWorld video submitted, Nescafé will provide a coffee plantlet to a farmer across the globe as part of the Nescafé Plan to help support the future of high-quality coffee.

“Few things unite the world like our love for coffee to start our day,” said Roman Irurre-Wolfisberg, Nescafé Business Executive Manager for Central and West Africa. “Good Morning World aims to unite people worldwide, especially young people, by drinking a cup of coffee in their own unique way. We want to celebrate this connection so that anyone can get involved, get inspired and get creative.”

The new initiative is part of Nescafé’s global campaign Good Morning World, which was launched at the end of last year.

The brand teamed up with Facebook to launch the immersive Nescafé #GoodMorningWorld video, which starred people in kitchens across the world, performing the hit song ‘Don’t Worry’ using spoons, cups, forks and a jar of Nescafé coffee. Viewers were able to rotate their smartphones 360° to explore the video – the first time this was possible on Facebook – reaching more than 95 million people worldwide.

How to record your #GoodMorningWorld video:

  1. 1. Grab: Film yourself picking up your mug, red if possible, from out of shot on your right.
  2. 2. Celebrate: Get inspired - smile, sip and be creative with your coffee mug.
  3. 3. Pass: Pass your mug to your left.
  4. 4. Post: Upload your video on Twitter, Instagram or the Nescafé Facebook page using the hashtag #GoodMorningWorld and #WestAfrica.

You can spot yourself and your friends in the mug chain:

  • Go to the Nescafé website.
  • Search for your username or social media handle in the ‘Find me’ tool function.
  • If you’re chosen, Nescafé will send you an exact time stamp of your star moment in the 24-hour broadcast for you to check out and share.

Coffee lovers need to upload their morning coffee video selfies before October 1 to be part of this global first.