Improving diets with Nestlé's new digital campaign on protein

People in Central and West Africa are being encouraged to include the right amount of protein in their diets through a new digital initiative launched today by Nestlé.


The five-week campaign, in partnership with Pulse Ghana and, is now live on Nestlé and Central West Africa’s (CWAR) Facebook account and the Nestlé CWAR Twitter feed, to urge Africans to make simple and healthy lifestyle choices.


“Our new social media campaign on protein aims at educating and inspiring people across the region to improve their diets and lead balanced lifestyles,” said Kais Marzouki, Market Head for Nestlé in the Central and West Africa Region. “Through simple and small lifestyle changes, they can keep themselves and their families healthier.”


The new campaign focuses on nutrition and science-based information, providing practical tips on how to include sufficient, high-quality protein in their diets, and offers nutritious and balanced recipe ideas.


Each week, themes focusing on the importance of proteins are being highlighted to provide guidance, such as protein-rich breakfasts and the benefits of protein.


Posts are promoted in both English and French through the use of messages, visuals and the hashtag #HealthyLivingAfrica to help reach thousands of people in the region.


They can also can find out more about the new campaign on Nestlé CWAR’s corporate website.


It follows the ‘Healthy Living Africa’ campaign launched last year to encourage people to cut salt in their diets.


The campaign reached about 11 million people across the continent through different themes highlighted each week, including useful advice such as cooking with less salt, using lower salt recipes and making smarter shopping choices.


Nestlé CWAR’s latest digital campaign is part of the company’s commitment to promote healthy diets and lifestyles, aiming to help people achieve and maintain a healthy body weight by emphasising the importance of a balanced diet and regular physical activity.



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