Inspiring young people in Central and West Africa on healthier lifestyles with new Maggi Facebook pages

To Press Releases listMay 5, 2016

Young people are being inspired to boost healthier lifestyles through Nestlé’s new Maggi Facebook pages in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Senegal.

The online social platforms, which are now live, will provide ideas on everyday healthy cooking, expert advice on good nutrition, and easy-to-follow tips on how to prepare nutritious meals using Maggi.

The new Facebook pages also aim to increase engagement about Maggi products with other Facebook fans and spotlight the benefits of homemade cooking.

Posts are promoted in English and French through the use of messages, images and videos to help reach young people, especially women, in Central and West Africa.

“The new Maggi Facebook pages look to inspire young people to improve their lifestyles through healthy eating and homemade cooking,” said Dominique Allier, Business Executive Manager for Culinary at Nestlé in Central and West Africa Region.

“By providing them with more confidence on how they can improve their family’s diets, the new pages can also encourage young people to share their experiences and connect with other Maggi fans.”

The new digital launches are part of Nestlé’s commitment to encourage the consumption of whole grains and vegetables.

In Central and West Africa, Nestlé CWAR is leading a number of Maggi activities to promote healthy and nutritious home cooking and meals with vegetables for the entire family.

This includes rolling out Maggi Cooking Caravans in five countries, launching the Maggi home garden initiative in Nigeria as part of the Maggi Women’s Forum, and broadcasting TV cooking shows in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire.

Through the new Maggi Facebook pages, fans can gain insight on the Maggi Cooking Caravan activities that focus on nutrition expertise, culinary hygiene and healthy eating cooking tips.

The new pages will also look to promote healthy diets and lifestyles to help young people foster healthy habits now and later on in life