Nescafé pilots a Sponsored Data programme for consumers with Airtel

Nestlé coffee brand Nescafé aims to strengthen its relationship with new and existing consumers in Ghana by delivering web content to their mobile devices for free through Sponsored Data.

The innovative service, which was launched in the United States in 2014, allows people to browse websites, stream videos and enjoy apps without affecting their personal data mobile plan.

Nescafé is one of the first brands to test the service in the country to offer content that aims to inspire young Africans to follow their dreams through the ‘Nescafé New Dawn’ campaign, and encourage them to continue enjoying the Nescafé experience with the new Nescafé 3-in-1, a perfect balance of instant coffee, milk and sugar for a smooth taste.

The two-week pilot will be launched with a SMS text to 200,000 Airtel carrier users. It will include a video link to a Nescafé TV commercial and inform users that viewing is free of charge.

“Brands are already using mobile devices to reach consumers effectively,” said Roman Irurre, Nescafé Business Executive Manager for Nestlé in the Central and West Africa Region. “Through this new Nescafé pilot, we aim to inspire mobile-loving young Africans to pursue their dreams in an engaging, exciting and innovative way that is easily accessible and simple to use.”

The Sponsored Data service, first trialled in Ghana earlier this year, has seen user engagement increase by more than seven times. The new concept aims to provide relevant information to consumers, encouraging them to accept and engage with content.

In Central and West Africa, Sponsored Data has been launched by mobile media company Viotech. It is working with mobile operators, content providers and app developers to offer the service to the media, retailers and brands to help them boost their relationships with users.

Viotech is working closely with DataMi, a mobile marketing technology company that has partnered with Airtel. The DataMi solution is integrated in the Airtel network, allowing the use of innovative mobile marketing campaigns.

The Nescafé pilot looks to reach more people in the country, who are already responding well to mobile advertising. Across the region, about 30% are actively responding to SMS texts and over 60% are responding to surveys.

Nescafé’s latest initiative builds on its innovative mobile approach. It recently teamed up with Facebook to launch an immersive video, pioneering new technology release for the platform.

Nescafé invited fans to celebrate the morning with its global campaign ‘Good Morning World’, which was also launched in Africa in November.

It stars people in kitchens across the world, performing the hit song ‘Don’t Worry’ using spoons, cups, forks and a jar of Nescafé coffee. Viewers are able to rotate their smartphones through 360° to explore the video – the first time this has been possible on Facebook.