Nestlé Burkina Faso educates mothers on the importance of good nutrition through its Cerelac brand

To Press Releases listOuagadougou, Burkina Faso,Jul 28, 2015

Nestlé Burkina Faso engaged in a nutrition campaign educating mothers on the importance of balanced nutrition in the development of their children. From 29 April to 27June 2015, through its Cerelac brand Nestlé organized the "Cerelac Mothers forums" in Ouagadougou, Bobo Dioulasso, and Ouahigouya.

Marked by the presence of health professionals, these events were attended by more than 4,600 mothers who came to gain practical insight on good nutrition for young children. Concepts such as the importance of essential micronutrients, such as iron, zinc, vitamins, and their impact on children's development were presented in simple and fun ways.

The period of food diversification, when a child makes the transition from exclusive breastfeeding to family foods, is a period when the child is particularly vulnerable. This is when most malnutrition begins among infants, with possible dire consequences throughout life.

Marie-Dominique Aboukan, Category Manager for Nestlé Nutrition said: "These forums reflect Nestlé's commitment to reduce the risk of under-nutrition by educating and training mothers on good eating practices. We are contributing towards improving the nutritional status of children in Burkina Faso."

Child malnutrition is a major concern in sub-Saharan Africa particularly amongst children under the age of five. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it affects 35% of children under the age of five in Burkina Faso. Micronutrient deficiencies such as iron, vitamin A and zinc are very common and can have irreversible consequences on the child’s development. According to the WHO, 54% of preschool children have a vitamin A deficiency in Burkina Faso and 91.5% of preschool children are anaemic.