Nestlé Cameroon and the Ministry of Public Health launch an awareness campaign on proper salt consumption

Yaoundé, 30 November 2015 – Today marks the beginning of a national campaign to sensitize the Cameroonian population on proper salt consumption practices and the harmful effects of its excessive consumption. The campaign, implemented by the Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with Nestlé Cameroon, seeks to prevent the risk of diseases related to excessive consumption of salt, including hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and chronic kidney diseases.


In Cameroon today, people consume an average of 4g to 7g of salt per person, per day, in excess of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation of 5g of salt per person, per day.


Nestlé Cameroon shares the concerns of health authorities regarding health risks associated with excessive salt consumption. Working together with government, academia and non-governmental organisations, the company aims at contributing to the improvement of Cameroonian’s health.


In line with its ambition to be the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, Nestlé has committed to promoting healthy diets and lifestyles. As such, it provides nutritional information and healthy eating tips to its consumers through communication campaigns, consumer forums and other activities.


This awareness campaign for proper use of salt is one of the activities included in the partnership between Nestlé and the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon. "This is the place for me to appreciate the partnership that binds us to Nestlé Cameroon, whose concrete actions aim at improving the living conditions of the population. It demonstrates the relevance of collective action to address major public health challenges people face”, declared André Mama Fouda, Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health.


In addition to promoting healthy diets and lifestyles, Nestlé also reformulates foods that are routinely consumed by families, including by reducing salt content. "These commitments demonstrate our willingness to make available healthy foods and beverages for our consumers and to help people improve their nutrition, health and wellness", said Hervé Barrere, Managing Director of Nestlé Cameroon.


The salt awareness campaign will be rolled out throughout the country in 2016 with caravans travelling throughout the country, activities by community health workers, television and community radio micro programmes, as well as a poster campaign in urban areas and healthcare centres.