Social enterprise from Cameroon wins the Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize 2016

Nestlé has today announced that the winner of the Creating Shared Value (CSV) Prize 2016 is Agro-Hub from Cameroon.

Agro-Hub is an agricultural production and marketing agency based in the south-west of the country that is working to help small-scale farmers gain access to sustainable markets. It has built a small, integrated factory to transform cassava into starch and garri, a type of tapioca, and sells it to its network of consumers through its own fresh food store, Agro-Mart.

“Agro-Hub has successfully linked smallholder cassava farmers to markets, providing them with opportunities to generate significant and sustainable income,” said Kais Marzouki, Market Head for Nestlé Central and West Africa.

“We are proud that the winner of this year’s prize is from our region and will continue to enhance the livelihoods of Africans in Cameroon and beyond.”

Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke presented the CHF 300,000 prize to Agro-Hub at the Creating Shared Value Global Forum 2016 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Natural Extracts Industries, a social enterprise from Tanzania, was the runner-up and receives CHF 200,000 for pioneering the sustainable extraction of vanilla in Tanzania.

The two finalists were selected from a group of 450 applicants by the Nestlé CSV Council, along with nine independent experts and nine Nestlé internal experts.

This is the fourth time that Nestlé has awarded the CSV Prize. The company will be opening the application process for the next competition in 2017, and will again be looking for innovative businesses or social enterprises in the areas of nutrition, water and rural development.