Nestle opened its Research & Development Center in Abidjan

In 2009, Nestle opened its Research & Development Center in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Through its research program, the R&D Abidjan contributes to the deepening of agriculture and local raw materials knowledge; and works on the development of traditional African ingredients with a focus on improving their agronomic, nutritional and organoleptic qualities, in order to make them meeting the tastes and needs of African consumers.

R&D Abidjan employs 43 people including highly qualified team of scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians, quality experts, and sensory analysis specialists who collaborate with Nestlé's global research and development network. R&D Abidjan also collaborate with universities and other research institutes around the world.

R&D Abidjan focuses its activities on the following key areas

Plants Science research

  • Plant propagation by somatic embryogenesis and orthotropic shoots techniques, applied to cocoa and coffee; varieties assessment

Local Crops valorisation

  • Improvement of local raw materials quality and productivity through elite varieties selection and diffusion; promotion of good agricultural practices. The targeted crops are following: cocoa, coffee, cassava, maize, millet, sorghum.
  • Primary and secondary processing of local raw materials.

New products development

  • Building knowledge on local needs and taste preference.
  • Leveraging nutrition, science and technology knowledge into consumer centric products and packaging.

Supporting Nestlé CSV Initiatives in Africa

Protecting and developing our people

Driving innovation in agronomy

With the aim of achieving its mission on agronomic research, R&D Abidjan invested in the construction of an experimental farm in Zambakro (Yamoussoukro) in 2013.

Built on an area of 30 ha, this farm offers a technical – scientific platform as a complementary infrastructure to R&D Abidjan.

It is carrying out several research programs on plants and agronomy. This farm contributes to the renewal of the Ivorian orchard of coffee and cocoa, as well as the improvement of the rural communities’ social conditions, by promoting the productivity of coffee and cocoa; the dissemination of high nutritive food crops varieties, obtained through biofortification.

Engaging with stakeholders, R&D Abidjan is also hosting the NQAC (Nestlé Quality Assurance Centre) which was built between 2013 and 2014. It is one of 24 NQAC in the world and the second located on the continent.

This Center is the unique NQAC in Africa and the Middle East, with a laboratory specialized in the analysis of chemical contaminants, particularly heavy metals, mycotoxins and pesticides, food and food ingredients used by Nestlé.

The main objective of the NQAC Abidjan is to provide quality services in the analysis of chemical contaminants and technical support to our factories in African, in accordance with identified needs in terms of safety and quality of our products.

The establishment of NQAC Abidjan also aims to develop analytical knowledge and share Nestlé's expertise through the establishment of collaborations with government institutions, universities and private institutes. This will enhance food security, improve chemical contaminant testing methods, and contribute to the development of food safety regulations.