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400 traders join Nestlé, UNESCO literacy project in Abidjan


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On 30th March 2021, Nestlé and UNESCO officially opened the 4th phase of their literacy program for women traders in major markets in Abidjan.

The MOU was signed by UNESCO representative in Côte d’Ivoire, Anne Lemaistre, and the Managing Director of Nestlé Côte d’Ivoire, Mr. Thomas Caso, at the Nestlé Research and Development Center.

In this fourth phase, the Abobo and Cocody municipalities join Port Bouet and Yopougon. The MAGGI Mammies from the markets of these areas, present at the ceremony, were delighted to be part of the learners.

Since its launch, more than 500 women have benefited from courses in reading, writing and arithmetic.

Below are some testimonies from some of the participants.

Samba Assetou

Samba Assétou, Seller at Anono Market (Cocody), new learner

“When you go to a place where there is danger, you can't even know because you can't read. When I have to do paperwork, I have to ask people on site to fill them out for me. When I learn to read and write, all that will change.”

Kouadio Ahou

Kouadio Ahou Elisabeth, Seller at the Aboboté Market (Abobo), new learner

"I don't know how to dial a phone number. I always have to ask for help. If there is no one with me, I cannot make a phone call. I want to be able to do it on my own and I know this training will help me.”

Kra Aya

Kra Aya Hélène, Seller at Selmer Market (Yopougon), Former Learner

"Before the program when I was given a phone number, I couldn't get it. Now I can do it. I also know how to recognize phone numbers. I'm doing better at calculations than I used to before. It helps me a lot in my business”


Konan N'guessan

Konan N'guessan, Seller at SICOGI Market (Yopougon), former learner

"It is after the program that I’ve known what 0,1,2 was. Today when I see the numbers, I understand. I know how to use the TV remote for example. My children had already tried to teach me, but they didn't have much time for it. I want to continue to learn through the program”