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Cerelac is suitable as a complimentary food for infants from six months onwards,......


In 1867, Henry Nestlé, a pharmacist, invented milk-enriched cereals in order to fight against infant malnutrition, then widespread in Europe. Today, Nestlé still carries on with this tradition of providing adapted infant nutritional solutions recognized by healthcare professionals.

Nestlé Cerelac is a range of nutritious, easily digested instant infant cereals which helps babies develop tastes for other foods. It contains an optimal level of vitamins and minerals required for the proper growth and development of your baby. It also contains a high level of iron and essential fatty acids as well as energy.  Cerelac is suitable as a complimentary food for infants from six months onwards, when breast milk alone no longer meets the baby’s growing nutritional needs. It is not a breast milk substitute. 

The Cerelac range is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs as well as the desired tastes and appropriate textures for infants at each developmental stage.

Now, all CERELAC products contain Bifidus BL which is a probiotic similar to those found in the digestive systems of breastfed babies.

Bifidus BL has been clinically proven to help strengthen babies' natural defenses.

Stage 1 is appropriate for infants from 6 months onwards. The varieties for this stage are CERELAC Wheat, CERELAC Rice and CERELAC Maize.

Stage 2 can also be fed to infants from 6 months onwards. The varieties are CERELAC Banana and CERELAC Honey.

The Stage 3 variant, CERELAC 3 Fruits can be fed to infants from 8 months onwards. It contains real fruit pieces and provides more taste varieties and textures for babies who have developed the ability to chew.