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NESCAFÉ is made from 100% coffee throughcareful selection of beans from the Ivory Coast. It has the best and mostrefreshing taste and aroma.  Starting your day with  1 cup of NESCAFÉ stimulates your body and mind.

NESCAFÉ comes in different formsand sizes. These includes:

      • NESCAFÉ Classic(200g tin, 2g sticks/sachets)

      • NESCAFÉ 3-in-1(32g, 36g)

      • NESCAFÉ 3-in-1 Crém (18g)

      How to prepare NESCAFÉ Classic: Put 1 full tea spoon of NESCAFÉ in your cup and 150 ml simmering water. Stir and enjoy your cup of coffee. (Sugar andmilk is optional).

How to prepare NESCAFÉ 3-in-1:Empty the content of one sachet into a clean cup. Add 150ml water and stir.Enjoy your delicious cup of creamy coffee.

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