In 1883 Julius Maggi had a vision: good-tasting and nutritious food accessible to all. The MAGGI brand has grown to become one of the Nestlé Group’s most popular Brands.
MAGGI is primarily a culinary brand whose heritage is in bouillon, dehydrated soups and liquid seasoning. MAGGI is a source of helpful products and solutions that allows you to be appreciated as a provider of tasty food.
MAGGI in the Central and West Africa Region offers a range of bouillon products, liquid seasonings and cold sauces. 


MAGGI Shrimp/Crevette/Crayfish derives its taste from natural shrimp as well as other ingredients like a unique blend of spices and iodized salt. MAGGI Shrimp is available in both cube and tablet formats and can be used for all dishes especially seafood. 

MAGGI Chicken Tablet brings a festive taste to your dish. This tablet contains chicken meat, a blend of spices including parsley and iodized salt. Use MAGGI CHICKEN in a variety of dishes including soups, stews and sauces or for boiling rice and vegetables.

MAGGI Onion Epice is great for steaming meat or seasoning meat and fish before grilling, boiling, frying or your preferred method of cooking. MAGGI onion does not only contain onion but other natural spices including aniseed and cloves as well as iodized salt.

MAGGI Cube Regular/Tablette can be used as a base for homemade soups, stews, and sauces/gravies or for boiling rice, vegetables, potatoes, etc.

MAGGI Mutton can be used for all mutton and meat dishes as well as for both soups and stews.

MAGGI Kari Tablet offers more than the ordinary curry does. Made from curry, caramel, spices and iodized salt. It offers you an added value of curry mixed with other spices. It is good for all dishes.

MAGGI Safsafal is made up of onion, garlic, aromatic plants and iodized salt. Food has never tasted better than with MAGGI Safsafal.

MAGGI Nokoss is added after you’ve prepared your ingredients. MAGGI Nokoss will do the rest of the work by enhancing the aroma and taste of your dish in a unique way. Cooking has never been easier. Its ingredients include spices and aromatic plants and iodized salt.

MAGGI Golden Beef gives your beef that distinctive beefy taste and aroma. MAGGI Golden Beef with its ingredients such as iodized salt, parsley, beef flavor, your beef tastes like beef.

Powdered bouillons

MAGGI Mix’py can be used to spice up all your meats and dishes. There are other variants: MAGGI Tro’Bon Dore, MAGGI Tro’Bon Meune Marine Moutarde, MAGGI Tro’Bon Meune Rossi Tomate, MAGGI Mix’py Classic and MAGGI Mix’py Ginger & Garlic.Liquid Seasoning

MAGGI Arome can be used during cooking, and as a taste enhancer while eating. It can be when grilling for those special days.

Cold Sauces

MAGGI Ketchup gives your food a delicious taste and also adds colour to it.