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Episode 13

Marie tries her hand in the kitchen and guess how it ends. Does cooking really define who a woman is? Watch #YeloPeppe and share your views.


Episode 12

Alex is not jumping up and down after Mina's marriage proposal. Is it appropriate for women to propose to men? Watch #YeloPeppe to see the story unfold.



Episode 11

Nosey Landlady is getting more suspicious. But seriously, do landlords/ladies have the right to snoop around their tenant's apartment? Watch #YeloPeppe and let's talk.


Episode 10

How far will Mina go to follow the passion her mother disapproves of? Watch #YeloPeppe and tell us if your parents have the right to influence your career path.


Episode 9

Aida tells her boss about the advances from her client and what her boss tells her will shock you. Watch #YeloPeppe and tell us how you would handle it.


Episode 8

The nosey landlady is at it again. She smells something fishy. Watch #YeloPeppe and find out what she plans to do about it. What do you think about her kokonsa behaviour though? #YeloPeppe


Episode 7

Aida is receiving attention from her rich, handsome new client. Would you consider this sexual harassment? Watch #YeloPeppe and see what Aida does about it.


Episode 6

Look who is undercover at the new Douze à Douze restaurant! How far would you go to check out your competition? Watch and see what happens in #YeloPeppe.


Episode 5

Errm..why is Marie so engrossed in other people's marriages while hers suffers? Do you have a friend whom you think should mind their own business first? Watch #YeloPeppe and tell us about the drama!


Episode 4

What do you think Fatima is up to? Have you ever suspected that someone you know is hiding something and being sneaky? Watch #YeloPeppe and drop us the fila!


Episode 3

Will Marie's client take her advice or continue to pretend to be a good cook while buying restaurant meals for her husband? Do you think it's okay to pretend to be something else for the sake of love? Watch #YeloPeppe and let's know what you think.


Episode 2

What happens when a lawyer loves blogging more than the law? Would you follow your passion even if your parents disapprove ? Watch #YeloPeppe to see how Mina's story unfolds.


Episode 1

All this drama in just the first episode? Welcome to the intriguing lives of 5 women in MAGGI's sizzling drama series, Yelo Peppe! Who do you think is going to be your favourite character? Watch the drama and tell us #YeloPeppe