Yelo Pèppè: Kitchen tips |Nestlé Central and West Africa


Getting The Most Out Of Your Vegetables

Veggies! Some crunchy, some fleshy, some leafy but all so nutritious.With these tips, you will enjoy all the nutritious benefits of veggies.


Keeping Food Fresh In Your Fridge

Who doesn’t like fresh food? Store your food properly in the fridge and enjoy fresh food all the time.


Great Ways To Present Food

Food Garnishing is not rocket science! Try these easy tips and get people to compliment your food even before tasting it.


How To Stay Better Hydrated All Day

Here’s how to stay hydrated.


Save Time And Money With A Meal Planner

Wanna save time and money? See how having a meal planner can help you.


How To Precook And Freeze A Dinner

A busy week ahead and no time to cook? This is how you can precook, freeze and heat a fresh dinner.


Egg Hacks

Scrambled eggs,poached eggs,boiled eggs. These 'egg-citing' tips will make you an Egg Master.


How To Keep Your Vegetables Fresh

You paid for those veggies so make sure you store them properly if you are not eating them immediately. Here are quick tips to help.


How To Cut Onions With No Tears

Try these tips and cut an onion without crying like a baby :)


Warm Water Cleaning Tips

This is how you can use warm water to do some cleaning magic in your kitchen.


Lemon Hacks

When life gives you lemons, you slice some and use them for these awesome kitchen hacks.


Fresh Herbs That Taste Great In Soups And Stews

Your soup/sauce + fresh herb = Nutritiously yummilicious.