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Senegalese Jollof | Portion Control For Health

With the controversy of which country’s jollof rice is the best ? We think all jollof rice recipes could be delicious with a touch of MAGGI in it! Jollof rice recipes are different in every country and in every home. This recipe is a Senegalese Jollof recipe also known as theiboudienne, slightly different from other jollof recipes because they add an array of vegetables like carrot, Egg plant, cabbage, potato and they even use short grain rice served with fish, chicken or beef


Kontomire | Reducing Salt

Kontomire Stew in Ghana is commonly made with kontomire leaves also known as cocoyam leaves or taro leaves. It is made with a basic palm oil stew with any protein (e.g. meat, fish, snails)of your choice then the main ingredient cocoyam leaves goes in. Kontomire stew is not only delicious, it is also a rich source of vitamins A, , C, B6, Folate, which come with a whole lot of health benefits. You can enjoy your cocoyam leaves stew with plantain, yam , coco yam, rice, eba etc


Brown Rice and Stew | Healthy Carb Swap

What’s there not to love about brown rice and stew? With this rice and stew recipe, we substituted the normal white rice with a healthy carbohydrate swap, we used brown rice since it natural, not bleached and is a good sauce of fiber which is very essential in our diet. This brown rice is served with chicken stew and vegetable slaw, you can serve your brown rice with soups or any other stew you desire.


Vegetable Fritters | Creative, Healthy Cooking For Vegetables

Another way to enjoy your vegetable is to transform them into this delicious recipe, vegetable fritters is one of the easiest, fastest way to make vegetables look and taste amazing. You can enjoy vegetable fritters for breakfast or as a snack. A great way to lure your kids into eating and loving vegetables.


Vegetable Stew | Add More Vegetables To Your Stew

Vegetable stew is simply delicious, the thought of having all these vegetables getting cooked in the stew and absorbing all the “deliciousness” of the stew is just heavenly. It is even better when vegetables are not overcooked. This is a fantastic way to enjoy your vegetables and benefit from the essential nutrients they provide. This recipe is simple, healthy and flavorful.


Okra Soup | Quick But Healthy Meals

A lot of people prepare okra differently, some prepare them in a soupy form with or without oil, others love it stewed or fried. Whatever your preference is, okra soup is definitely loved in Africa. One interesting thing about okra is that you can have fun with cutting them into any shape and size, some even love it grated or dried and pounded into a powdered form and adding other green vegetables. This "no oil" okra soup goes perfectly with rice or any choice of "swallows" like eba or banku.