Human Resources and Labour Relations

At Nestlé, we have established a culture based on the values of trust, mutual respect and dialogue. 

As a large global company we operate in a wide range of countries and regions, like Central and West Africa, which have their own laws, rules and culture. 

Almost 6,700 employees in Central and West Africa work daily to create and maintain positive individual and collective relationships, and are expected to do so as part of their job. To meet their expectations, we look to promote zero accidents in the workplace and boost safe and healthy employee behaviours. 

We also aim to empower women to fully take part in society and the economy across the value chain – in the workplace, marketplace and community. While improving people’s lives through community and societal activities, and increasing their access to employment, education and skills training, all of which are essential. 

As a result of our work in this area, Nestlé Nigeria was recognised as the most employee-friendly organisation in the food and beverages industry in 2015 by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria.