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Improving farm economics | Nestlé

Our commitment: Improve farm economics among the farmers who supply us

Our commitment: Roll out the Rural Development Framework to understand the needs of farmers

Building long-term farming futures

If farms do not generate enough income, they will not attract and retain young farmers. Already, the farming population is ageing, and fewer than 5% of farmers in rural areas are under 35. Improving farm economics and ensuring viable futures for farmers are essential if we are to achieve long-term supplies of safe, quality raw materials.

Progress against our objectives

Our objectives Our results

By 2018: Improve farm economics in seven priority sourcing locations based on the results of the RDF baselines. Farm economics comprises the following four factors on which Nestlé will focus: productivity, quality, costs and price premiums.

We have developed proposed interventions and implementation will begin in 2018.

431 000 farmers trained in good agricultural practices.