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Independent assurance

To help interested parties understand the scope, boundaries and assumptions of this report, and the data methodologies we adhere to in our annual Nestlé in society reports, we have summarised them in one document. We also engage an independent third party to provide independent assurance for the data included in this report.

Independent data assurance

Bureau Veritas has been engaged by Nestlé to provide independent assurance for the 2017 Nestlé in society: Creating Shared Value report. This process aims to provide assurance to Nestlé’s stakeholders over the accuracy, reliability and objectivity of the reported information and that it covers the issues material to the business and its stakeholders.

The statement outlines the scope, boundaries and limitations of the assurance, and the methodology adopted. It also contains observations of good practice and improvements, as well as making recommendations for our future reports.

Download Bureau Veritas’ full Independent Assurance Statement (pdf, 400Kb)