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Improve Resource Efficiency

Our company aims to do more with fewer resources and less waste to preserve natural resources. 

By 2015, we looked to reduce energy consumption per tonne of product in every product category to achieve an overall global reduction of 25% versus 2005. 

By 2017, we aim to achieve zero waste to landfill and zero incineration without energy recovery in all Central and West Africa. 

By 2020 we also seek to reduce water withdrawals per tonne of product in every product category to achieve an overall reduction of 35% in our manufacturing sites since 2010. 

Our progress

Between 2010 and 2016, we reduced energy consumption by 29% per tonne of product across our operations in Central and West Africa. 

At our Yopougon factory in Côte d’Ivoire, we are using new and innovative ways to recycle waste. For example, the leftover waste product of cassava – which is transformed into cassava flakes at the site and used in Maggi bouillons – is turned into compost along with the canteen waste. Used cartons are also being recycled into egg crates. 

At the same site, the use of natural gas will also help to reduce our thermal energy consumption, cut costs and improve the facility’s environmental impact. The initiative, which is part of a national government project to expand the natural gas distribution in the industrial area, has already achieved annual energy savings of over 7,200 GJ (gigajoules) and 562 tonnes of CO2 emission savings. 

At our Agbara factory in Nigeria, spent grains generated from sorghum, millet, maize and soya during processing are sent to silo, discharged to trucks and then sold to farmers for use as livestock feed. In 2015, we reused 1,560 tonnes of materials. 

In Senegal, we are using solar panels to heat water at our Dakar factory, resulting in an annual saving of over 60,000 kWh of energy, equivalent to about 3% of the factory’s total energy consumption. 

We aim to introduce plastic recycling methods in all our factories and will start in-house recycling and waste management at our sites in the region.