Provide meaningful and accurate environmental information and dialogue

A variety of contact points, from packaging to digital channels, are used to explain environmental sustainability, build trust and help consumers make informed choices. 

By 2016, we aim to make fact-based environmental information accessible to consumers in Central and West Africa, enabling them to make informed choices and improve their own environmental impacts. 

Our Progress

People can use their smartphones and other mobile technology to get instant access to information about the nutritional profile and environmental and social impacts of our products to go ‘beyond the label’. 

We are using Quick Response (QR) codes on our product packaging to link to additional online content. Users can scan QR codes on selected products using their smartphone, which takes them to a digital site where they can find more information about the product than would normally be available on the pack. This may include how the product fits into a healthy lifestyle, or how much water or energy it has used in its entire life cycle. 

In the region, ‘beyond the label’ is already available on Nescafé 200g and Nido and Milo packs.

In addition, we have toll-free consumer hotlines available in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. We are planning to extend this to more countries in the region.