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Creating Shared Value | Nestlé

We believe that our company will be successful in the long term by creating value, both for our shareholders and for society. We call this approach Creating Shared Value (CSV). CSV is principle for how we do business.

Our purpose and our values

Our positive impact on society focuses on enabling healthier and happier lives for individuals and families, on helping the development of thriving and resilient communities, and on stewarding the planet’s natural resources for future generations, with a particular focus on water. These impact areas are interconnected, and are firmly embedded in our corporate purpose: to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

Underpinning all our efforts to maximise the creation of shared value are our company values, all of which are rooted in respect: respect for ourselves, respect for others, respect for the diversity of the world we live in and respect for the future.

CSV: Maximising value creation

Taking a long-term approach has always been Nestlé’s approach to business. CSV brings business and society together by generating sustainable economic value in a way that also produces value for society.

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To ensure we focus on the issues with the most impact on the economy, society and environment, and that most influence the decision-making of our stakeholders, we conduct a formal materiality analysis every two years.

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Ethical business

Upholding ethical principles is fundamental to how we operate, and underpins consumer trust and our licence to operate. This includes our zero tolerance of fraud, bribery and corruption, our efforts to ensure data privacy and our open disclosure of tax payments.

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Governance and policies

We want to be the trusted leader in our sector. Building our business on clear principles and sound governance helps us maintain trust in the Nestlé brand and reduce risk throughout our value chain.

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Contributing to the global goals

We frame our CSV agenda to align closely with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Partnerships and collective action

We face a wide range of complex challenges, from rising obesity to child labour and climate change, and need to pursue joint action to achieve sustainable results at scale.

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Stakeholder engagement

We seek the advice of the best experts and advocates to develop and improve our corporate policies and Creating Shared Value commitments, strengthen our business and target our societal investments.

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The Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize

The Nestlé CSV Prize, awarded every two years, helps expand or replicate initiatives that address challenges in nutrition, water and rural development. It is open to social and private enterprises, and non-governmental organisations.

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