Nescafé brings to life the dreams of West African youth with the “Dream Truck” Tour

NESCAFÉ on March 18, 2014, launched a youth entrepreneurship support initiative across the Central and West Africa Region.
NESCAFÉ is a brand associated with alertness, youthfulness and vitality. Young people are rich with ideas and prospects for socio-economic transformation. They are changing the status quo, overturning conventions and bustling with creativity and youthful exuberance.

Through a tour which has been named the “#GetstartedAfrica” Tour, the dreams and aspirations of young people will be collected. NESCAFÉ will help these youngsters to get started to set things into motion through this social media- driven brand marketing initiative. One dream with the “most likes” will be shortlisted by consumers through a survey on the NESCAFÉ Facebook page.

Engaging Young People through Social Media for Social Transformation and Development
The project is targeting young people aged 18-28 years old. The truck will travel across main cities in the region and will collect the dreams/projects and aspirations of the youth.
NESCAFÉ will post online the collected projects during the initiative and will, at the end of the tour, invite fans to vote for the dream project they would like to make come true. With designated bus stops, fans on Facebook can direct the truck movement with their likes and comments so as to create engagement towards a worthy cause of unearthing dreams and aspirations. The Total Travel distance is 7,672 Km (+/- 300 Km) for the whole Central & West Africa Region.

Ghana leads the way in the tour towards unearthing dreams
Ghana is the first country in the region to start the tour. With an event to mark the official rolling of the truck wheels for NESCAFÉ goodness, NESCAFÉ Breakfast in cold and hot cups was served on the campus of the University of Ghana. A similar programme will be held on major campuses throughout Ghana and in other tertiary institutions across the Central & West Africa Region.