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Nestlé Cameroon promotes entrepreneurship with NESCAFÉ| Nestlé

Nestlé organized a NESCAFÉ caravan on February 9, 2021 to encourage Cameroonian youths to start their own business through the “My Own Business” (MYOWBU) program. This was done prior to National Youth Day, celebrated each year, on February 11.

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The MYOWBU program is a Nestlé initiative that aims at making NESCAFÉ drinks more affordable and accessible to consumers, at the same time promoting entrepreneurship among youth. In Cameroon, MYOWBU has created 135 jobs with 124 sales operators and 11 kitchen operators, which are real businesses specialized in the distribution of hot drinks.

Mr. Emmanuel Tambang, Nestlé Professional & Coffee Manager, Tropical Cluster stated that “Nestlé with the NESCAFÉ brand joins the national community to celebrate youth by promoting entrepreneurship. It’s more about encouraging youth to be bold, innovative and engage in an income-generating activity that can help them to earn a living”

MYOWBU is open to any young and dynamic Cameroonian aged 18 and up, wishing to become an entrepreneur. To become a kitchen operator, all you need is to be dynamic, have business acumen, have a start-up capital and be willing to carry out a business project. Nestlé offers commercial equipment and management tips to kitchen operators.

It all starts with a NESCAFÉ. Entrepreneurship starts with NESCAFÉ.