Nestlé Nido helps underprivileged children improve nutrition| Nestlé

As part of its commitment to Nutrition, Health and Wellness through its Nido brand, Nestlé Central and West Africa, in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages Ghana, organized a “Nido Pattern of love” campaign on its Facebook page. As part of the campaign, Nestlé Nido encouraged its fans on Facebook to change their profile picture to any of the symbols from a series of creatively designed love symbols and “share” it with their friends on the social media network.

For each profile picture changed, Nestlé donated the equivalent of five glasses of Nido, or 130 grammes, to SOS Children’s Villages Ghana. 
At the end of the campaign, a total of 40,000 glasses of Nido Essentia milk were donated and will benefit about 5,000 children. Speaking on behalf of the company, Maurice Ladislas, Category Manager for Dairy for Nestlé Coastal Cluster,  stated that Nestlé is committed to improving the quality of lives of children in Ghana and worldwide by providing nutritional products for children that help address micronutrient deficiencies. 

Nido Essentia is enriched with Iron and Vitamin C to help meet the micronutrient needs of growing children. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 70% of school age children in Ghana suffer from iron deficiency. 

Nestlé has made a global commitment to help reduce the risk of under-nutrition through micronutrient fortification. In 2014, more than 153 million of Nestlé products fortified with micronutrients were consumed daily in Central and West Africa.