Helping reduce illiteracy rate among women through information technology

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Helping reduce illiteracy rate among women through information technology

The Ministry of Education, UNESCO Office in Abidjan, NESTLÉ Côte d'Ivoire and MTN, have come together at the commemoration of the International Literacy Day, celebrated every September 8th, to bring to the attention of the general public the imminent start of a joint project of functional literacy for women traders through the use of Information Technology and Communication (ITC).

The Ministry of Education, UNESCO, NESTLÉ and MTN, demonstrate through this project, their commitment to reducing the illiteracy rate of women and the education of young girls.

According to a survey on the living standards of households (2015), the literacy rate in Côte d’Ivoire stands at 45.0% though it varies by gender and income level of individuals. Thus, the literacy rate is 53.3% for males against 36.3% in women. The literacy gap between men and women becomes even more important with poverty status.

Earlier initiatives for women's literacy, showed limitations due to their various social functions. They are mothers and wives and are often constrained by their social roles from attending literacy classes.

The Information Technologies and Communication (ITC) offer today, new learning opportunities and practical applications, which, when mastered, allow the learner to self-form, access knowledge and skills by herself or with minimum assistance from a supervisor.

The project will target 260 female traders in Port Bouet and Yopougon markets and will be implemented over a 9 months period in order to acquire the learner basic skills (reading, writing, arithmetic), but also life skills. The project which is currently in piloting stage, should at the end of its assessment equip stakeholders with an innovative and more efficient approach in teaching.

About International Literacy Day

In 1966 UNESCO established the International Literacy Day to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the World Congress of Ministers of Education on the eradication of illiteracy (Islamic Republic of Iran, 1965), who developed the recommendation of Tehran; thus proclaiming the International Literacy Day and advanced the concept of functional literacy.

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