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Nestlé signs stem cell agreement with Cellular Dynamics International

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RESEARCH JOURNEY : Working to understand the impact of food on the cells of the body.

The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) has signed a long-term agreement with a US-based developer of stem cell technologies, Cellular Dynamics International (CDI).

The agreement will give the Institute access to cell products to support research programmes on maintaining health and helping to prevent conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

CDI cell products used by the Institute are obtained using a pioneering method using adult human cells that have been “reverse-engineered” to behave like human stem cells. Nestlé does not do any research using human embryonic stem cells.

Nestlé’s long-term biomedical research strategy combines the use of these cells - called pluripotent stem cells as they can grow into many different types of body cell - with other advanced technologies to better define the genetic and metabolic basis of health and disease.

Nestlé’s research will provide the scientific basis for new nutritional solutions which could play an important role in helping to prevent or slow the onset of certain serious human health conditions, including obesity, diabetes and cognitive disorders.

As widely recognised by the international scientific community, human stem cell research provides the scientific basis for the development of preventative and therapeutic treatments for serious human diseases.

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