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Start out right to make breastfeeding easy

The sooner after birth the better to start breastfeeding

Make breastfeeding easy
BREASTFEEDING: Breast milk is undisputedly the best start a baby can have in life

Right after delivery, your baby is ready to suckle. In the first 30 to 50 minutes your baby is able to find your breast and latch on the nipple. Your baby’s early and frequent suckling in the first hours and days helps make milk come in faster.

The first milk, called colostrum, is a yellowish, translucent fluid that is extremely rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. It also contains protective antibodies, which are important since your baby’s own immune defenses are not yet fully developed.

In the first few days, stay with your baby to feed on-demand and do not give any other drink than breast milk. Enjoy skin-to-skin contact - shown to help nursing and mother-child bonding.

Be patient

Milk usually starts to be produced in larger amounts between two and four days after delivery, making the breasts feel full. When this happens, the milk is said to have ‘come in’.