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Provide Traininng and Education for Our Employees in Nutrition|Nestlé

Our company cares about our people and we aim to provide training and education that has a positive influence on their day-to-day lives. 

We want to ensure our employees have the knowledge and capabilities they need to carry out their roles, and the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. 

Our progress 

Nutrition is everyone’s business at Nestlé. This is why we are training all our people using Nestlé’s Nutrition Quotient programme (NQ), which aims to make sure everyone has good nutritional knowledge and can apply the NQ learnings in their day-to-day roles. 

Launched in 2007, the e-learning programme covers basic nutrition science, regulations and the components of a healthy, balanced diet. 

For those employees without computer access, we provide in-class training and organise factory site 

campaigns with educational posters, activities and handouts that our employees can take home to their families. All participants are tested before and after NQ training is delivered to measure progress. 

In 2015, 1,637 employees were trained on the NQ Foundation module. By 2016, we aim to have all employees trained at least once in this module. 

In 2015, we also carried out activities across all sites during World Breastfeeding Week to raise awareness on the importance of breastfeeding among employees. 

In addition, all Nestlé Nutrition employees are specifically trained on the Nestlé Policy and are provided with instructions on how to implement the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes. 

In 2016, we will provide environmental awareness training for all employees in all countries in the region through an e-learning module. 

Saly Kone, Maggi mammie in Côte d’Ivoire 

Saly works in Abobo market in Abidjan.

She is one of the 84,333 Maggi mammies who are involved in the programme.

“Today I make enough to have financial independence and take care of my daughter on my own. My wish is to be able to give her access to full-time education,” she said.