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Improving nutrition through fibre-rich grains and vegetables

Our commitment: Increase vegetables, fibre-rich grains, pulses, nuts and seeds in our foods and beverages

fibre-rich grains and vegetables

Helping families achieve balanced diets

Whole grains and vegetables can be important sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals, which are essential for balanced diets. However, recent research indicates that children and adults are not eating enough of these nutrient-dense food ingredients.

Progress against our objectives

Our objectives Our results

By 2020: Add to our products at least 750 million portions of vegetables, 300 million portions of nutrient-rich grains, pulses and bran, and more nuts and seeds.

By 2020: In addition to whole grain already being the main ingredient in our ready-to-eat breakfast cereals for children and teenagers, all our Nestlé-branded cereals* will be at least a source of fibre and have more whole grain than any other ingredient.

Set the implementation guideline and calculated the baseline, based on 2016 data: 7.4 billion portions of vegetables, 5.7 billion portions of fibre-rich grains, approximately 11 000 tonnes of pulses and 17 000 tonnes of nuts and seeds already added to our foods and beverages.

More whole grain than any other ingredient in any serving of children’s or teenagers’ breakfast cereals:

  • 2017: 95%
  • 2016: 93%
  • 2015: 85% **

*Wherever technically feasible.

** Reduction compared to 2014 due to the adoption in 2015 of a more stringent tracking methodology for whole grains.