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Inspiring healthier lives

Despite increased efforts by governments, public health bodies, industry and civil organisations over the last decade, too many people are still dying from health challenges associated with under- and over-nutrition.

More than 5 million children under five die every year, mostly from preventable causes (WHO), while 28.5 million people of all ages die from obesity-linked non-communicable diseases (NCDs). As well as developing more nutritious foods and beverages, we believe it is crucial to inspire people to lead healthier lives.

14.4 million children helped across the world by our Nestlé for Healthier Kids programme

89.4% of our foods and beverages display Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) labels on the front of pack in countries where labelling regulations allow

64.3% of our children and family portfolio displays Nestlé Portion Guidance

Our approach

To help people lead healthier lives, we provide portion guidance, as well as access to more nutritional information than ever before. We promote healthy behaviours in children, healthy hydration and health-promoting food environments. We understand the power of marketing and promote healthier choices, following strict guidelines on the responsible marketing of breast-milk substitutes and on marketing to children. The first 1000 days are crucial to establishing healthy habits for life, so we focus particularly on maternal and infant health.

Know what you eat

Consumers increasingly want to know what is in the foods and beverages they buy, and what it means for their health. Across all our foods and beverages, we provide nutritional information. In 2017, we launched Maggi Marketplace, a premium range that includes such choices as Quinoa Ratatouille. This product displays Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) labels on front of pack, making it easy for consumers to understand the nutrients they provide.

Maggi passes on the goodness of home cooking

Our research shows that involving children in cooking improves their nutrition. Our simple and nutritious Maggi range inspires families to cook good food with fresh ingredients every day. To support parents and caregivers in their journey to cook and eat healthier and raise healthier kids, we rolled out our ‘Simply Good’ cooking education programme.

Milo inspires millions of kids to grow with sports

Every year, over 22 million children benefit from Nestlé Milo’s programmes promoting physical activity. Our new partnership with FC Barcelona will take this to a new level, inspiring millions more children to take part in sport.

‘Quality for kids’ label guides parents

We put considerable effort into reformulating our children’s ice creams, to ensure they meet the EU Pledge Nutrition Criteria of not exceeding 110 calories per 100 g. Our dedicated ‘Quality for kids’ label guides parents to this healthier choice, and we do not market ice cream directly to children. We are also removing more artificial colours and flavours from our ice creams, and continuing to improve nutrition, quality and taste by increasing the milk and fruit content.

Nestlé: a space safe for women to breastfeed

Our dedication to providing the best nutrition for babies ensures we have welcoming breastfeeding spaces for our employees. We support breastfeeding in the workplace with 339 breastfeeding rooms available to mothers globally. And our Global Maternity Protection Policy is one of the most progressive in the industry.

Nestlé Pure Life® inspires kids to choose water

People recognise that water is the best choice for their health, but unhealthy alternatives are too often selected, especially by children. For a future full of possibilities, Nestlé Pure Life inspires kids to choose pure water as their preferred choice for hydration, through innovative and fun products and activities.

Read more about our strict policies and compliance record on marketing breast-milk substitutes

See the full report for more on our eight inspiring healthier choices commitments (pdf, 15Mb)