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Healthy hydration: Choose water for a healthier life| Nestlé

Our commitment: Inspire people to choose water to lead healthier lives

Our commitment: Advocate for water as a top choice for healthier hydration

Helping consumers live a healthy lifestyle

We believe that what you drink is as important to a healthy lifestyle as what you eat and how often you exercise. We recommend plain water – still or sparkling, tap or bottled – as a top choice for daily hydration. Our role is to inform consumers and help them adopt healthy drinking habits.

Progress against our objectives

Our objectives Our results

By 2018: Release with partners an open access platform offering global statistics on people’s drinking habits*

By 2020: Launch national campaigns promoting healthy hydration with public and private partners in 10 countries.

In 2017, we shared our most recent data on people’s fluid intakes across the world with an academic organisation. Findings of that independent research are expected to be submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal by the first quarter of 2018.

Ongoing discussions with potential partners and public health stakeholders in multiple countries. We anticipate the launch of several new national initiatives promoting the importance of healthy hydration in 2018.

* This commitment has been extended to 2018.

Our approach

Our role is to inform consumers and help them adopt healthy drinking habits. We conduct surveys on beverage habits, are participating in collective actions across the world, and educate children on the importance of healthy hydration.

Sharing new research findings on drinking habits

There is a lack of consistent public data regarding people’s fluid intake. So, we conduct research and share our findings to raise awareness about the importance of healthy hydration. Surveys in six countries* found that, on average, 92% of respondents drink water and 27% drink at least one litre of sugar-sweetened beverages daily.

* Online surveys conducted by Kantar TNS in six countries (France, Italy, Mexico, the UK, USA and Turkey) and carried on to about 500 people per country. Each sample is representative of a population aged 18 to 64.

Proper hydration in childhood

To highlight the importance of proper hydration in childhood, we raise awareness among teachers and students. In Italy, for example, since 2014 our Hydration@school educational programme has reached 39 000 teachers and 128 500 students and their families, with the support of the Italian Society of Preventative and Social Paediatrics (SIPPS) and other scientific partners.

Nestlé Pure Life inspires kids to choose water

For a future full of possibilities, Nestlé Pure Life encourages children to choose pure water as their preferred drink for hydration. We do this through innovative and fun products and activities, like shaped bottles with kids’ favourite characters, and colourful flip-caps to make drinking water easy on-the-go and attractive to children.

Our progress in 2017

We made good progress in 2017 in sharing knowledge, participating in collective initiatives and inspiring children to drink water. For example, Nestlé Waters shared data with an academic institution, which will provide a global baseline for people’s fluid intake, free for anyone to access in 2018. A handbook on children’s hydration developed by SIPPS was delivered to 10 000 paediatricians and 18 000 teachers through the Hydration@school educational programme. Our ground-breaking partnership in Mexico with the Ministry of Health also continued to promote healthy hydration.

We are committed to inspiring people to choose water to lead healthier lives. To find out more about our progress to date, please see our full report (pdf, 10 Mb).