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Providing nutritional information

Our commitment: Apply and explain nutrition information on packs, at point of sale and online

nutritional information

Transparency helps consumers make healthy choices

Nestlé wants to help individuals and families eat and drink healthily by providing transparent nutritional information about our foods and beverages on-pack. We take seriously our responsibility to promote our products truthfully and reliably, enabling people to make informed decisions about their nutrition. We provide details about the ingredients in, and the nutritional benefits of, our foods and beverages.

We also provide more detailed information on issues such as health information, portion sizes, and even a brand or product’s social or environmental impacts online. This means that we are not limited by the space on our packaging.

Progress against our objectives

Our objectives Our results

By 2020: Continue providing detailed product nutrition facts with daily value percentages, ingredients and allergens, and add special diet information, nutrition labelling explanations and healthy eating tips on all our relevant packs, as well as on our websites and e-retailer sites, to better enable informed choices.

89.4% of relevant foods and beverages have Guideline Daily Amount (GDA)-based labels on front of pack in countries where labelling regulations allow it*.

44.4% GDA-based labelling on all foods and beverages designed for children**.

97.3% of our foods and beverages display our Nestlé Nutritional Compass.

* Due to ongoing automation, a few product categories are not yet reflected here.

** In our 2017 reporting, we have extended the scope of calculation to strengthen our ambition and also include the products that are consumed by more than 50% of children under 12 years old (and not only designed for children) where regulations allow.