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Our Brands: Golden Morn

Golden Morn

Golden Morn is a nutritious and tasty cereal made whole original Naija whole maize and soya. Every single grain used in producing Golden Morn is sourced from farms in Nigeria.​

It was first introduced in Nigeria more than 24 years ago. This cereal is enriched with vitamins such as vitamin A and minerals like calcium making it a nutritious choice for breakfast and snacks.​ ​

It provides energy and nourishment from the natural goodness of whole grains and soya. Golden Morn can be easily prepared by just adding water or milk if desired.​ ​

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Golden Morn Campaigns​

We have continued to provide support to thousands of farmers for decades. It is the same cereal that families have enjoyed for so long and it is packed with the energy and nutrition you need everyday.​

Golden Morn More Than a Cereal

Fueling Naija Immunity.

GOLDEN MORN IMMUNITY TVC- Fueling Naija Immunity