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Our Brands: Ideal Milk| Nestlé Central and West Africa

IDEAL Original, Ghana’s favorite milk and has been nourishing Ghanaians for more than 60 years. It is made from full cream milk with natural calcium and enriched with vitamin D. 

It has a rich, creamy taste and is a good source of nutrients for your breakfast, lunch and supper. 

Add IDEAL Original to cream your beverages, cereals and any of your sweet or savory dishes to get that rich and creamy taste. 




IDEAL Balance is made with natural calcium and enriched with vitamin D. It has much less fat than Ideal original full cream evaporated milk (as well as other full cream evaporated milk). 

IDEAL Balance milk has 75% Lower Cholesterol* than other evaporated full cream milk which helps control your cholesterol intake as part of a balanced diet. Even though it has a light consistency, it is healthy and maintains its creamy taste. 

We have also introduced our IDEAL Dairy Delight, which is a powdered milk variant of IDEAL Original. It is a quality dairy-based nutrition fortified with essential nutrients with the same rich and creamy taste of IDEAL you know and love. It comes in a 26g sachet.