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IDEAL® Fruity Perk-Up

IDEAL® Fruity Perk-Up

Recipe Ingredients

How to make

2 tins IDEAL®/ GLORIA® Milk 170g

1 small fruit Pawpaw (Peel, deseed and roughly cut)

1 finger Banana (Peel, deseed and roughly cut)

¼ of a small fruit Water melon (Peel, deseed and roughly cut)

1 small rhizome Ginger (Peel, deseed and roughly cut)

½ lemon (washed and juiced)

1 cup Crushed ice

*1 cup =250ml

  1. Keep the IDEAL® /GLORIA® milk in the freezer till half way frozen.
  2. Placed chopped fruits and ginger into a food processor or a clean blender and blend.
  3. Open the IDEAL®/ GLORIA® milk tin and pour into a bowl.
  4. Whisk till foamy and add the lemon juice intermittently till it thickens and refrigerate it (acidulated IDEAL® milk).
  5. Mix the blended fruit with 2 tablespoonful of the frozen milk and pour into tall glasses or sundae glasses containing crushed ice.
  6. Top the blended fruit in the glass with the acidulated IDEAL® milk and serve immediately.


*Ginger can be eliminated if undesired.