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NIDO exists in over 80 countries and it is focused on providing nutritional foundation for growth and development. NIDO has been helping mums around the world care for and nurture children for the past 75 years.
New NIDO® FortiGrow™ is scientifically designed milk with the right blend of nutrients to best support your child’s mental development, immunity, and physical growth, that meet the requirements of today’s generation of school-age kids. 
NIDO FortiGrow is a tailored nutrition helping children to be mind and body ready for school.
NIDO FortiGrow has a unique combination of milk and nutrients that support 3 key benefits for School-age children:

  • Learning: NIDO FortiGrow contains Iron to support your child’s normal cognitive development such as learning, and B-Vitamins to support the normal nervous system and brain connectivity.
  • Immunity: NIDO FortiGrow contains Zinc, Vitamin A&C, and Selenium to support normal immune function.
  • Growth: NIDO FortiGrow contains High-Quality Proteins, Calcium, and Vitamin D to support normal growth.

All while having the same creamy delicious taste children have loved for generations!
Nestle NIDO offering in Central and West Africa is constitute of a wide range of products
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NIDO Campaigns

Ramadan starts with teaching the right values. There’s a lot your little ones learn during Ramadan. When you pray, they pray. When you meditate, they meditate. It’s a joy to see them learn the essence of Ramadan.  It is always heartwarming to see your little ones eager to be part. May they experience the peace that comes with the season.

Your love is all they need to be their very best. No matter what anyone says. Your love and support are priceless. This is to celebrate Mums who support our dreams even when no one else does. Thank you, Mum.

With NIDO, your children benefit from the essential nutrients to strengthen their immunity, growth, and learning, which is particularly necessary at each start of the school year. Give them a glass of NIDO which contains every day before your little ones go to school to help their brain function and boost their memory.​

NIDO Heart to Heart

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NIDO Mums: NIDO Heart2Heart Episode 3 Self Control
NIDO Mums: NIDO Heart2Heart Episode 4 Cognitive Flexibility
NIDO Mums: NIDO Heart2Heart Episode 5 Nutrition
NIDO Mums: NIDO Heart2Heart Episode 6 B Vitamins
NIDO Mums: NIDO Heart2Heart Episode 7 Iron
NIDO Mums: NIDO Heart2Heart Episode 8 Zinc

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