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Pawpaw and MILO® Layered Cup

Pawpaw and MILO® Layered Cup

Recipe Ingredients

How to make

100 ml (½ cup) fresh pawpaw (blended)

I½ tin DEAL®/GLORIA® Milk 170g

6 dessert spoons MILO®

50 ml (¼ cup)Water


  1. Mix the blended pawpaw with the IDEAL® ®/GLORIA® milk and half-fill a clear drinking glass.
  2. Mix the MILO® and water into a thick solution and pour over the pawpaw mixture.
  3. Be careful not to mix the two, so that the layers can be seen on the side of the glass. This can be done by pouring the MILO® mixture gradually from a spoon, which has been raised over the pawpaw mixture.
  4. Pawpaw and MILO® layered cup should be served right after preparation and not left to stand.

*Note that, the pawpaw & IDEAL®/GLORIA® milk mixture, as well as the MILO® mixture can be kept separately and only mixed when ready to serve.