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Vegetable and Chicken Roll

Vegetable and Chicken Roll

Recipe Ingredients

(Serves 4)

  • ½ kg Chicken Breast (sliced along the grain into flat shapes)
  • 2 sachets MAGGI® Mix’py

Spinach or Kontomire (a few leaves)(washed and cleaned)

1 stick Carrot (sliced thinly)

1 fruit Aubergine (large purple garden egg)

2 tablets MAGGI® Chicken tablet

2 Tbsp Cooking oil

30g (2 tablespoons) Corn flour or Wheat flour

1 small bulb Onion

How to make

1. Season the slices of chicken breast with MAGGI® Mix’py.

2. Season the spinach and sliced vegetables with MAGGI® Chicken.

3. Lay the chicken flat on a clean surface. Then lay the sliced aubergine, sliced carrot and a few pieces of spinach over it.

4. Roll up tight and hold into place with tooth picks.

5. Heat a frying pan with oil till very hot, and quickly brown the surfaces of the chicken roll.

6. Take chicken out of the oil and stand aside.

7. Add corn flour to the oil in the pan over fire and stir for a minute or two and add the chopped onion.

8. Add a little water to form a sauce enough to cover the chicken roll and bring to boil.

9. Add the chicken rolls to the sauce, reduce the heat and allow to simmer till chicken is cooked. (this should take not more than 15 minutes)

10. Serve with rice, yam balls, boiled yam, etc.