Maggi® sensitizes consumers on good cooking practices

The MAGGI® Cooking Caravan is traversing Cameroon from 22nd to 29th of November 2014, sharing, sharing nutritional information and advice with consumers on how to cook healthful and delicious dishes.

As the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Nestlé is committed to help individuals to eat health through nutritional education.

Started earlier this year in March, the caravan has already travelled around 12,000 kilometers covering 16 towns and 32 villages in all the regions of Cameroon, informing consumers about balanced diets, micronutrient deficiencies and hygiene. These key messages are conveyed through interactive demonstrations, women forums with market women and group discussions with consumers. Nestlé is also committed to tackling micronutrient deficiencies by the fortification of food and drinks at affordable price sforfor the consumer.

The Maggi® Cooking Caravan is an opportunity to inform the consumers on the negative effects related to iron deficiency, which is a major public health issue in Cameroon, affecting 60% of children, and 40% of women.

Iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia, a state that leads to the loss of red cells in the blood.

“We do not compromise on taste or on health. We think that if we propose more delicious and healthy food and drinks that people want to consume, we can contribute to more healthy lives,” said theCountrythe Country Manager Nestlé Cameroon, Bruno Olierhoek, in a recent address.

“About 10 million Maggi ®units are consumed in Cameroon every day. We have therefore fortified this product with iron in order to fight the deficiency on that essential micronutrient”, he added.

As culinary bouillons are widely used in Cameroon, they are an effective vehicle to help the most vulnerable groups in the fight against iron deficiency.

The week of sensitization will end with a cooking contest, where the Littoral Region Star, will emerge. In February, a contest will oppose the stars of all the regions for the National Super Star Title.