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Offering tastier and healthier food choices

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 793 million people worldwide lack access to adequate food, yet 41 million children under five are considered overweight or obese (World Health Organization, 2014). Both over- and under-nutrition can lead to serious health challenges. That is why we aim to offer tastier and healthier food choices, and help 50 million children lead healthier lives.


Over half of our foods and beverages currently meet the WHO’s target of less than 5% of energy from sugars in the daily diet

7.4 billion portions of vegetables and 5.7 billion portions of grain added to our foods and beverages in 2016

102 billion individual servings of Maggi condiments, soups, seasonings and noodles were fortified with micronutrients

Our approach

To respond to consumer demand and to do our part to contribute to a healthier future, we are launching more nutritious, high-quality foods and beverages, simplifying ingredient lists and removing artificial colours. We fortify our foods with micronutrients to help address health challenges where relevant, and use biofortified crops where possible. We will also further decrease sugars, sodium and saturated fat, and increase vegetables and wholegrains across our portfolio.

Read more about how we ensure product safety and quality (pdf, 12Mb)

Milo gets one million Thai children active

Milo has launched a low-sugar, ready-to-drink beverage that supports active kids in Thailand. The Milo sport programme encourages a balanced diet and active lifestyle among Thai children aged 6–12 years. The in-school opportunity reaches more than one million children in 1000 schools throughout the country each year.

Getting kids to eat greens

Convincing children to eat vegetables is no easy task, so we aim to help parents and caregivers increase their intakes. In the United States, where vegetable consumption is below recommended levels, we add ‘hidden’ vegetables in our Lil’ Pastas wholegrain pasta dough and filling. And the navy (haricot) beans in Lil’ Beanies make the snack suitable for young children who do not consume enough vegetables, fibre and vitamin E.

Back to basics

Consumers are increasingly looking for familiar ingredients, so we are going back to basics by simplifying our ingredient lists. Our Coffee-mate Natural Bliss almond milk, for example, is made from almonds, cane sugar and vanilla flavour containing extracts from Madagascan vanilla beans.

Helping kids consume essential nutrients

Micronutrient deficiencies disproportionately affect infants, young children and women. To help them reach recommended intakes of essential nutrients, we fortify popular condiments, children’s milks and cereals. In 2017, for example, we introduced fortified NIDO GoldenStart with iron and zinc, milk, cereals and fruit for a healthy breakfast on-the-go.

A new generation of ‘superfood’ crops

We believe biofortification – boosting nutrition when breeding and growing crops – is a future solution to improve the nutrition of millions of people across the world in a sustainable way. However, establishing biofortified crops in local markets can take up to 20 years. In 2017, we worked with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to boost biofortification further.

Healthier food for our much-loved pets

As well as making our foods and beverages healthier for consumers, we also focus on healthier options for our four-legged friends. For example, Purina Cat Chow Naturals Original, Purina Adventuros and our Purina ONE ranges provide cats and dogs with high-quality ingredient-based nutrition to meet their needs.

See the full report for progress against our five commitments to offer tastier and healthier food choices (pdf, 12Mb)