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Workplace safety, health and wellness

Our commitment: Advocate for healthy workplaces and healthier employees

Our Commitment: Advocate for healthy workplaces and healthier employees

Taking a holistic approach to employee health and safety

Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future begins with safeguarding the safety and health of our people.

To live up to our purpose internally, we want to help our employees make more informed decisions about their own health, take personal responsibility and choose to live and work in a safe and healthy way. We need our employees to be passionate about nutrition, health and wellness.

Progress against our objectives

Our objectives Our results

By 2020: Offer our employees education, early screening and programmes that support healthier lifestyle choices.

By 2020: Continue leading through industry forums.

97% of markets already offer health and wellness programmes to employees. To make our programmes more targeted, we are assessing the overall health profile of our employees through our Know Your Numbers Programme (KYNP). We have also articulated the minimum mandatory requirements in this area in the Employee Health Management Standard.

Safety and Health Roadmap

Aligned with the framework, our Safety and Health Roadmap 2016–18 (see below) sets out our strategic vision for safety and health performance until 2018. It focuses on four strategic priorities:

  • Everyone engaged;
  • Key risks managed;
  • Our passion for nutrition, health and wellness; and
  • Management processes.

This is not an exhaustive list of everything we need to do or work on, but sets high-level priorities for the Group that guide our planning. It is used as a reference by zones, globally managed/regionally managed businesses, markets and support functions, though they also take into account the specific context for their organisations.

safety health roadmap

Key performance indicators

The table below shows key safety and health performance data for 2017. For more detailed information and safety and health data, please see the Nestlé GRI Index, 403–2.

Total recordable illnesses rate for employees, on-site contractors and on-site members of public (per million hours worked).


2017 0.89
2016 1.0
2015 0.9

Includes joint ventures.

Recordable illnesses are those work-related illnesses that result in: medical treatment beyond first aid, restricted work, lost time or fatalities.

Recordable injury rate (per million hours worked)

2017 1.97
2016 2.2
2015 2.57

Lost day rate for injuries (per million hours worked)

Data has been restated to align with the new Nestlé zone structure


2017 33.5
2016 34.5
2015 33

Includes joint ventures.

Injuries and illnesses are classified and reported according to a global Nestlé standard, which is based on the US OSHA record-keeping standard.