Nestlé Milo reiterates commitment to grassroots sports development in Nigeria

Nestlé Milo reiterated its commitment to grassroots sports development in Nigeria with its sponsorship of the 17th Nestlé Milo Secondary Schools Basketball Championship.

Speaking at a press conference, Dharnesh Gordhon, the Managing Director of Nestlé Nigeria PLC said: “Nestlé Milo, the energy food drink of future champions, remains committed to the development of sports at the grassroots.

The 17th Nestlé Milo Secondary Schools Basketball Championship inspires the youth of Nigeria to get into sports and enjoy the positive experiences of physical activity early in life whilst instilling life values of hard work, responsibility, fair play, discipline, perseverance and teamwork spirit.”

Last year, over 92,000 students from 7,530 schools across Nigeria participated in the competition.

In line with its commitments to promote an active lifestyle, Nestlé Milo recently launched the Milo Champ Train for mothers and children in Lagos. The Milo Champ train provides an opportunity for mums to bond with their kids whilst participating in activities such as basketball, football, games of strength, aerobics and fitness walking within the neighborhood.

A medical booth is provided to give mothers the opportunity to receive basic health checks such as Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood pressure. Nutritionists are also on hand to offer relevant nutrition advice such as guidance on healthy breakfast options for the family.

According to the Beverages Category Manager, Olufemi Akintola, “This demonstrates the commitment of Nestlé Milo in nourishing a healthier generation of future champions. This year, we aim to help one million mums and children in hundreds of neighborhoods develop healthy habits in their daily lives to improve their nutrition and wellness.”

Nestlé Milo will continue to support the development of grassroots sports in Africa through the bi-annual Nestlé Milo Under 13 Football Championship, which started in 2010.