Star Caravan final: Maggi celebrates culinary excellence

On Saturday 21st February 2015, the Cameroonian Maggi Super Star caravan selected its Super Star at Parcours Vita in Douala.
After 11 months of traversing 16 cities, 32 villages and more than 12 000 kilometers, the culinary stars representing different Cameroonian regions competed in the finale by cooking tasty and balanced menus in order to be crowned the National Super Star.

As world leading company in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Nestlé is committed to providing healthy and tasty products which contribute towards consumers’ balanced diets. The Star caravan embodies this commitment through the provision of nutritional education on good usage of local foods and Nestlé products, in order to respond to consumers' daily nutritional needs.

As micronutrient deficiency is a central public health issue in many African countries, Nestlé has committed to contributing to reduction of micronutrient deficiencies through the enrichment of nutritive and affordable food and beverages. As the use of culinary bouillons is widespread in Cameroon, they provide an efficient vehicle to help the most vulnerable populations to fight against iron deficiency.

“The constant enhancement of consumers’ lives is a permanent preoccupation of the Nestlé Group. Our sustained 50 year presence amongst the Cameroonian population demonstrates our commitment to respond to their needs” says Bruno OLIERHOEK, Country Manager of Nestlé Cameroon. “In Cameroon, 10 million units of Maggi are consumed every day, and we have therefore decided to enrich this product with iron to help to mitigate the effects of this micronutrient deficiency.”

The star caravan is also an opportunity to educate consumers on the negative effects linked to iron deficiency, a main public health issue in Cameroon, affecting 60% of children and 40% of women. The lack of iron can lead to anemia, a state that decreases red blood cells and the concentration of hemoglobin in blood. 

Vivian LEM AWANTOH, a native of Buea in South West Cameroon won the 2014 Maggi Super Star Caravan, with a traditional meal from her region, which brought together the elements of a balanced meal rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. “I am so happy to win this competition which reveals our rich culinary legacy. Cooking is an act of love, thank you Maggi for giving us opportunity to show our love and our know-how in providing healthy food for our families”.

The caravan will begin again next March for a new year full of encounters and experiences.