What to avoid when breastfeeding

Mother and doctor
MEDICINES AND BREASTFEEDING:Check with your doctor before taking any kind of medication.

Stay away from tobacco.The risks for an infant in a smoking home are amongst others to get less milk, early weaning and restlessness.

Avoid drinking alcohol. The alcohol you drink passes to your baby through breast milk. Only an occasional glass of wine or beer is compatible with nursing.

Beware of medicines when nursing. Some medications you take may pass into your milk. Therefore do not take drugs unless prescribed by your doctor.

Be prudent with foods that may easily upset digestion. Foods that may provoke gastrointestinal discomfort in your baby include onion, cabbage, berries, spices and condiments. Carefully observe your baby to see if they trigger a reaction.

Restrict your consumption of coffee or tea. A moderate amount of caffeine (2 cups per day) is fine. However, some young infants are sensitive to caffeine and become irritable or have difficulty sleeping, even with small amounts of caffeine.